Born 1923 in Vienna to a Prague Jewish family. The family moved to Prague soon thereafter. The family solidly mid-dle-class, financially comfortable, but not wealthy. I had a broth-er who was born in 1926. My father, a doctor of law, a rather typical Prague intellectual. I went to school in Prague until 1939 when I was not allowed to continue, then in a Realgymnasium. Early in 1941, and about 17 years old, I was taken in by the Gestapo, and questioned for nearly an entire week in a rather unfriendly way. The reason quite obscure to me, and I feel it was so to the Gestapo too. It was a difficult stretch of days.

On October 3rd 1941 I was taken to my first camp, at Lipa, in Bohemia, then called Linden bei Deutschbrod. From there in March 1943 to Terezin, or Theresienstadt, then to Auschwitz in October 1944. After a few weeks of Auschwitz by train to Kaufer-ing 4. Liberated in Kaufering 1 on April 27th, 1945. Upon libera-tion I weighed about 35 kilos, and for a while it was touch and go whether I would make it. Later I was brought by an US Army outfit to Bad Woerishofen to a hospital set aside for camp survivors. In summer 1945 repatriated to Prague. I was the only survivor in the family.

In Prague I married another camp survivor early in 1946. We left Prague in Fall of 1946 with false documents and went to Paris. I worked in Paris for the Joint Distribution Committee. We left for Canada in 1951, and in 1952 immigrated to the USA, living in New York City. My first wife died of cancer. I remarried in 1982. We have.a little six-year-old boy. I am a painter, artist. My style semi-abstract, symbolic. I lecture quite a bit. Currently I teach a course at The New School on “Art in Jewish Life”. My last major effort was a large, 12 x 12 feet, stained-glass window for a synagogue in Panama.

Here, then, is this bare outline, a temporary substitute for a detailed account still to be written. Even this attempt to be brief deteriorated into two pages. The thought of elaborating on it awes me.